Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services-Sacred Sex Coaching
Erotic Massage

Sensual touch can be one of the greatest gifts to experience especially when received with an open mind and heart. Erotic massage currently offered;

Erotic Massage is an exploration into your own sensations and pleasure. Your session begins with an interview to determine the style of sensual or erotic massage you desire. When needed breath coaching and other training are available to enhance your experience.
Your erotic massage can include:
  • Cock massage with full release
  • Butt massage can includes; (1) rosebud massage (2) prostate massage. For more information please read the page on Anal Massage.
Many clients request a combination of therapeutic and erotic massage. If this appeals to you please allow a minimum of 1-1/2 hrs. to have a full experience.

Taoist Erotic massage activates higher states of consciousness through breath, genital massage and the use of the Big Draw. Created by Joseph Kramer, of the Body Electric School, it continues to be used throughout their evolution. Taoist Erotic massage can take you into a deeper inner wisdom and understanding of the self. Many consider it a very spiritual experience. Each exploration of the big draw becomes a new experience.

Cornstarch Massage is a delight to the senses using cornstarch as a medium, instead of lotion, to massage the whole body. The touch is light but slow and tantalizing.

Please Note; Before choosing an erotic massage please read "What You Can Expect" on the Sacred Intimate Services page.