An Exploration of the Sacred within…

the sacred lover within
Each of us has a Secret Lover; a lover who awaits just behind the erotic images that flood our minds during sexual arousal or in sleep; a dream lover who disguises as the individuals with whom we fall in love, an ideal lover who has adored us since the beginning of our individual existence and who will never abandon us until the instant we merge our being in absolute Godhead.
Sex, Magic, Tantra and Tarot
When we "fall in love" that feeling that wakes us and helps us feel alive ( and sometimes insane ) is our inner Self knocking at our hearts, reminding us that the lover that we so often look for outside of ourselves has always resided within. The object we focus our love on is nothing more than a mirror of something awaiting our acknowledgement.

"As a Sacred Intimate it is my deepest desire to help you awaken to this inner-most lover." By honoring your body as a temple for sacred pleasure, David feels this helps establish the foundation for deeper learning.

"This practice is my spiritual path and I offer this work in loving service."

What You May Expect in Your Session

- I offer this work in loving support as a part of my sacred path to end shame and to share with you how sacred of a gift your body is.
- Your session is about you - learning to receive and understand your body at a more intimate level.
- My goal for your Sacred Intimate session is to create a nurturing, safe environment for you to more deeply experience the sensual/sexual parameters available through your body. The purpose of the TEM or Sacred Temple massage are for building a sacred vessel of healing erotic pleasure to awaken you to the sacred lover within.
- As a way to prepare your body for this sacred experience please clean your body before arriving.
- I encourage you to ask for what you want. If it is not something I provide I will say so in a loving respectful way. Content that is not my expertise are SM/bondage and roll play.

What is a Sacred Intimate:

You may be asking what is a Sacred Intimate? Sacred Intimacy is a path of the sacred lover - honoring the wisdom of the body and experiencing this sexual/erotic energy as a pathway to the Divine. David believes we can use our bodies as a means to reach higher states while honoring our body as a sacred vessel for enlightenment and even immortality. He sees your body as a sacred gift. Each Sacred Intimate is different. What we bring to the chalice of your experience is life's training as well as the gifts of our passion and path in our sharing.

In early times when people were more in touch with their bodies, many practiced sacred rituals to honor the earth, one's crops and the gods and goddess's honored during that time. Sacred Intimates were priests and magicians of these sacred rites. Their calling was to channel the lover of the god or goddess for those in need. Their duties included healing the sick, comforting the dying, and those left to grieve. They performed sacred rites to honor the passing of the seasons, blessed the harvests and planting of crops as a part of their service to the community. More importantly they were the sacred lovers, the teachers of the wisdom of the heart. Unlike today, sexuality held an honored place in the spirit of the individual.