An Exploration of the Sacred within…

To know oneself as a body is more important, at this moment in history, than to read the works of all the wise men who have ever lived.
Marco Vassi

Sacred Temple Massage for Men - Rate: $165 for 90min. $220 for 2hrs.

sacred temple massage for men
Sensual touch within the container of a supportive, nurturing environment, when received with an open mind and heart, can instill a deep grounded relaxation. Sacred full-body massage is an exploration into your own sensations and pleasure.

You are encouraged to take advantage of David's knowledge in tantric practices for the following;
1) Build an ecstatic full-body energy charge that can enhance a full-body orgasm.
2) Prolong sexual play - to last longer in either partner play or for self-pleasure.
3) Transform pleasure into emotional and physical healing or transformation.
4) Reach higher states of awareness or expanded consciousness.
"When Scheduling your appointment please be clear about what session you want so the space can be prepared before you arrive."

  • Taoist Erotic Massage
    If you desire a session that integrates the sacred while awakening your erotic body, you might consider a Taoist Erotic Massage. TEM helps to quiet the mind through the use of conscious breath. Your intentions create a container for your experience. Conscious breathing helps to move the ecstatic charge through the whole body. When the ecstatic charge is sufficiently built, David will guide you into The Big Draw - where the ecstatic charge and your intentions are fused into your core. This still point is where the magic takes place.

    Created by Joseph Kramer, of the Body Electric School, the Taoist Erotic Massage continues to be used throughout the program's evolution. David's intuition and years of experience in tantric practice has led him to refine the TEM into a place where you can explore transformational wellness, or surrender into a place of deeper wisdom.

    Many consider the TEM to be a very spiritual experience. Each exploration of the The Big Draw is unique. Note; TEM is not for someone wanting to check-out and just relax in a massage. This is an experience intended to wake you up while exploring higher states of pleasure.
  • Sacred Temple Massage
    erotic temple massage for men
    Sacred Temple Massage combines the sensual pleasure of full-body Temple Lomi and Thai table massage. Thai uses body movement and an activation of energy meridians to help build sexual Chi or Ching Chi. Facilitated breathing is encouraged to help move sensual energy or transform it depending on what you desire to create (ie; building sexual Chi can be directed into the major organs for healing, clearing stagnate emotions or physical rejuvenation).
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