An Exploration of the Sacred within…

About David O'Quinn

licensed massage tharapist
"What I do in this work has served as my path and passion, at least in this incarnation, since 1987." David has studied both Eastern and Western philosophy & religion since age sixteen. He took an interest in men's spiritual development while living in Austin, Texas, during a growing men's movement in the early 1980's. In 1983, he began teaching spiritual development workshops and doing intuitive tarot readings during his extensive travels.

In 1987, at a Midwest Men's Retreat, David experienced his first
Taoist Erotic Massage. The experience was transformational. "I have been on the path of the sacred lover since then. Before that time it never occurred to me that my spiritual path and my sexuality could be connected - not surprising in a world where a man may seek the Beloved within but not hold sacred communion with another man through their union of that Beloved."

David's background in erotic bodywork includes extensive training from The Body Electric School where he attained his certification as a Sacred Intimate. David is passionate about massage and began doing massage professionally in 1998. He has over 1,200 hrs. in structural/therapeutic massage and is licensed in the Sate of Hawaii - MAT (6140). In 2004, he completed the Sexological Bodywork certification training from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, located in San Francisco. His commitment to this path has been an ongoing process of learning to better serve you.